About Us

slideshow22Since 1936, the mission of the Long Beach Township Beach Patrol has been to provide the highest level of qualified lifeguards to educate, patrol, and protect the public and beach environment for Long Beach Townships 12 miles of ocean beach.

The Long Beach Township Beach Patrol aims to pro-actively approach lifeguarding by training our lifeguards not only in ocean rescue techniques, but also in identifying beach and water hazards such as wind, surf, and rip current conditions and to control swimming and beach activity accordingly.

The Long Beach Township Beach Patrol strives to provide a safe yet enjoyable beach environment. To do this we employ nearly two-hundred lifeguards who are trained in American Red Cross Emergency Response, which includes CPR For the Professional Rescuer, AED (Automated External Defibrillation), AEO (Administering Emergency Oxygen), and PDT (Preventing Disease Transmission).

The Long Beach Township Beach Patrol also operates a variety of other programs including a SCUBA Search & Rescue Team, an Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Program and a Personal Water Craft (PWC) Rescue Team. The Beachwheels Program provides beach wheelchairs to people with disabilities and the Lifeguard In Training Program, which teaches young men and women in all aspects of ocean lifeguarding.

The Long Beach Township Beach Patrol has been certified by the North Shore Lifesaving Association (NSLA) as meeting its recommended guidelines and standards for lifeguard agencies.