Beach Badges

2018 Holiday Beach Badge Sale starts November 24th, 2017.

2018 Holiday Seasonal, Regular Seasonal, Senior Citizen and Veteran Badges will be available for purchase at the Beach Badge Office (Shack) on 68th Street in Brant Beach starting on Friday, November 24th, 2017 and weekends thereafter until, and including, New Years Eve.  During the week, from November 27th thru December 29th, LBT Beach Patrol Headquarters, will have badges available for purchase between the hours of 9am and 3pm.  We are located on Bayview Avenue (off of 79th Street) in Beach Haven Crest.

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Seasonal beach badges may only be purchased at the Long Beach Township Beach Badge sales locations.  Daily & Weekly badges can be purchased at the LBT Beach Badge Office, on 68th Street in Brant Beach, or on the beach from a Beach Badge Checker.

Beach Badge Sales Locations:

68th St in Brant Beach:

March 30, 2018 thru Mid-May – Good Friday (3/30/18), Saturdays and Sundays 9a-3p

Mid-May thru Labor Day – Monday-Friday 9a-4p & Saturday-Sunday (and Holidays) 9a-3p

LBI Arts Foundation Tennis Court in Loveladies:  Closed until late Spring 2018

Senior Citizen Seasonal beach badges can be obtained for $5.00 with proof of age (65 years and older) at the beach badge office on 68th Street in Brant Beach.  Senior Badges issued prior to the 2010 season (the white badge with red/blue logo) are lifetime badges.  If senior badges are lost/misplaced, replacement badges can be purchased for $5.00 each for the current season.

Military Veteran Seasonal beach badges can be obtained at no cost with valid military identification (i.e.. DD-214, etc.) at the beach badge office on 68th Street in Brant Beach.

To Purchase:

For preseason seasonal rate beach badges only (not senior citizen or veteran seasonal badges), mail check or money order made out to ‘Township of Long Beach along with this form to:  

Long Beach Township
Beach Badge Dept
6805 Long Beach Blvd
Brant Beach, NJ 08008

2017 – Printable Order Form ( 2018 Form will be available February, 2018)

2018 Beach Badge Prices:

Preseason Seasonal Rate (use form) $30 Beach Badges are non-refundable, no exceptions
purchased on/before June 15, 2018
All persons age 12 and over from June 16, 2018 through
Seasonal Beach Badge (don’t use form)  $40 September 3, 2018 from 10am-5pm must have Long
purchased June 16, 2018 and after Beach Township issued beach badges while on the
beaches in Long Beach Township.
Senior Citizen Seasonal Beach Badge
(don’t use form)
valid proof of age, 65+, required in person at time of purchase The following towns are within Long Beach Township:
High Bar Harbor, Loveladies, North Beach, Brant
Weekly Beach Badge (don’t use form)  $20 Beach, Beach Haven Crest, Brighton Beach, Peahala
week runs Saturday – Friday Park, Beach Haven Park, Haven Beach, The Dunes,
Beach Haven Terrace, Beach Haven Gardens, Bay
Daily Beach Badge (don’t use form) $7 Vista, Spray Beach, North Beach Haven, Beach
Haven Heights, Silver Sands, Beach Haven Inlet,
Veteran Beach Badge (don’t use form) $0 & Holgate
valid id required (i.e.: DD-214, etc.)


2018 Holiday Beach Badge Information:

Prices for Holiday Badges are the same as above and are sold from Friday, November 24th through Saturday, December 31st or while supplies last.  Closed Christmas Day.  They are sold Saturday and Sunday from the 68th Street Beach Badge Office in Brant Beach, NJ and Monday through Friday from the Beach Patrol Headquarters, Bayview Avenue (off of 79th Street), Beach Haven Crest, NJ.  Sale hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at both locations.

Contact the Beach Badge Office:

P: 1-609-361-6675

Contact the Beach Patrol Office:

P: 1-609-361-1200