Byassee Beachwheels

Above photo courtesy of Kim Byassee

Photo Courtesy of Dwight Whitman

Photo Courtesy of Dwight Whitman

Started in 1992, the LBTBP Beachwheels program is one of the largest beach wheelchair programs in the country. The Beachwheels (or Surf Chairs®) are made from lightweight PVC tubing and oversized wheels so that they can handle difficult terrain such as the beach.

Anyone staying at a Township of Long Beach address is eligible to reserve and use a Surf Chair® at no charge. However, we cannot lend chairs to people staying at hotels unless special security arrangements have been made in advance. Additionally, chairs may only be used within Long Beach Township.

The Beachwheels program is funded by donations from Long Beach Island businesses and service organizations and by contributions from individual residents of Long Beach Township and Long Beach Island. The program currently has seven chairs for children and thirty-nine chairs for adults. This includes one daily adult chair permanently located at Bayview Park. The remaining are available on a weekly basis with one chair specifically designed for fishing.

Reserving a Surf Chair
It is necessary to make reservations in advance (as early as January) because there are a limited number of Surf Chairs®. The Surf Chairs® can be reserved for up to one week (Saturday to Saturday). To reserve a Surf Chair®, call the Long Beach Township Beach Patrol at (609) 361-1200. Please provide your full name, home address, local address, and phone numbers for both addresses, along with the dates (Saturday to Saturday) you wish to reserve the Surf Chair®.

In addition, you will need to provide an I.D. texted/e-mailed to Tracey Schmidt at or faxed to (609) 361-1210 (i.e.: Driver’s License, Passport, or Military I.D. etc.) at time of reservation. You do not have to pick up the chair; we will deliver it to your residence. All drop offs and all pick ups will be made on Saturday. You should also include any special instructions for the delivery. You are required to confirm your reservation two days prior to the date of delivery.

Care and Operation
An attendant is needed to move the chair; it cannot be moved by the person using it. The chairs are equipped with retractable or removable footrests, safety restraints, removable umbrellas and anti-roll handles. Eleven have removable armrests. The anti-roll handles are located behind the rear axle. They are engaged by aligning the pins with the entrance slots and turning the handle one-quarter turn. The umbrella is attached to the right side of the chair’s backrest. To secure the umbrella, tighten the pressure coupling on the umbrella shaft.

Please use care when operating the chair to avoid accidents. Please hose off the chair on a daily basis to remove sand and salt. Please do not leave the chair unattended, and please store the chair in a secure place when not in use.

If there are any problems with the chair—or if you have any questions or comments—please call the Beach Patrol office at (609) 361-1200.