Lifeguard Exchange

Established in 1988, the Australian Exchange Program provides an opportunity for lifeguards in Australia to work for LBTBP, thus providing an opportunity for our American lifeguards to work in Australia during the winter.

Although LBTBP has not sent any American lifeguards to Australia through the program in the past few years, we do have lifeguards who travel there on their own each year and are employed as lifeguards.

While LBTBP has participated in other exchange programs in the past, bringing lifeguards from various countries, LBTBP currently only participates in the Australian Exchange Program. If you are a qualified ocean lifeguard from another country you may be able to apply through another exchange program.

If you are interested in the International Lifeguard Exchange Program we must receive all necessary paperwork by December 31— no exceptions. You must also have three years of experience as a lifeguard.

In addition to lifeguards from Australia, the LBTBP has hosted several lifeguards from Poland. The diversity and competitive spirit these exchange lifeguards bring to our island and patrol is unmatched. It is also a rewarding experience for any family hosting one or more of ‘the lifeguards.  The cultural differences and knowledge exchange is indispensable and irreplaceable.