2018 Personnel Profile

2018 Personnel Profile

Training & Certifications

Ocean Lifeguard Training Course (OLTC)

This five-day course teaches prospective lifeguards rescue techniques, surf awareness and policies from the LBTBP SOP Manual.  Participants must successfully complete practical and written examinations.

•  34 people took 2018 OLTC (total includes 34 new LBTBP lifeguards).

American Red Cross Certifications

•  All 171 LBTBP lifeguards are certified in CPR/AED-FPR, Bloodborne Pathogens and Preventing Disease Transmission (PDT), and Emergency Medical Response or a higher certification.

• 140 LBTBP lifeguards (18+yrs.) are AEO certified.

•  31 LBTBP lifeguards (16-17yrs.) audited the AEO certification course.

Other Training, Certifications & Requirements

•   1 LBTBP lifeguard is a certified Paramedic and 6 LBTBP lifeguards are certified EMT-Basic.

•   32 current lifeguards are New Jersey State Police-Boating Safety Course certified and 20 went on to become PWC Rescue Team.

•  1 LBTBP employee is 100-ton Master Captain licensed.

•  All LBTBP first response lifeguards must annually, and did, pass a 500m (550-yard) swim test in 10:00 minutes or less before the summer season.

•  All LBTBP lifeguards are annually required to complete a 1000-meter ocean swim and a half-mile paddle board ocean paddle and 171 did.

Beach Badge Checkers

•  113 Beach Badge Checkers (seasonal) including beach supervisors. Average age 17.31 (84 needed working papers).

•  60 are veteran Beach Badge Checkers and 53 are first year Beach Badge Checkers.

•  75 Beach Badge Checkers are female (average age 18.18), 38 Beach Badge Checkers are male (average age 16.44).

•    2 Beach Badge Checkers are current LITs, 4 Beach Badge Checkers are former LITs.

American Red Cross Certifications

•  19 Beach Badge Checkers are certified in CPR-FPR/PDT along with the following:

•  15 Beach Badge Checkers (18+yrs.) are AEO certified.

•  4 Beach Badge Checkers audited the AEO certification course.

•  19 Beach Badge Checkers are AED certified.

•  1 Beach Badge Checker is EMR certified.

Lifeguard In Training (LIT) Program

The LBTBP LIT Program is designed to teach young men and women, ages 10 through 15, all aspects of ocean lifeguarding.

•  101 former LITs are working as lifeguards for LBTBP (36 women, 65 men) (9 are first year lifeguards and 92 are veteran lifeguards).

•  118 LITs (ages 13 through 15) in two four week sessions; Monday through Friday. First session: 29 women, 31 men. Second session: 28 women, 30 men (Total: 57 women and 61 men).

•  Of those that participated in both sessions (46), 23 LITs are women, 23 LITs are men.

•  62 B-LITs (ages 10 and 12) participated in two four week sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. First session: 10 women, 22 men. Second session: 13 women, 17 men.

•  Of those that participated in both sessions (27), 10 B-LITs are women, 17 B-LITs are men.

•  7 LITs are certified in ARC-CPR/FPR, ARC-Bloodborne Pathogens and ARC-PDT.

•  9 LITs are certified in ARC-EMR.

•  Each LIT passed a 150–yard annual swim test in 2:30 minutes (B-LITs – 3:00) or less before the start of the 2018 LIT Program.

•  4 current LITs are New Jersey State Police Boating Safety Course certified.


•  The Long Beach Township Beach Patrol (LBTBP) protects 12 miles of ocean beach for Long Beach Township (which is on Long Beach Island, New Jersey).

•  LBTBP normally has at least 2 guards protecting each of its 55 guarded bathing beaches. Fifty-three guarded bathing beaches are on the ocean, and two are on the bay. Each guarded beach area is approximately 700 – 1200 feet long.

•  LBTBP is separated into six patrol areas (Love­ladies, North Beach, Brant Beach, Beach Haven Crest, Spray Beach, and Holgate). Each patrol has a captain and a lieutenant who manage 20 to 35 lifeguards and approximately 2 miles of beach.

•  LBTBP has one of the most extensive beach pa­trol competition programs in the country; with swimming, paddleboarding, rowing, surf skiing, and running races. Each year, LBTBP guards com­pete  in Long Beach Township, on Long Beach Island, and at places as far away as Ocean City, Maryland, and Newport, Rhode Island.

•  LBTBP’s LIT Program, established in 1988, is of­fered to young men and women ages 13 through 15 (B-LIT added June 2006 for ages 11 and 12 and age 10 added in 2016). The LIT Pro­gram teaches young men and women the skills and knowledge necessary to become successful ocean lifeguards.

•  Every summer, the Ocean Lifeguard Training Courses (OLTC) are offered in June. This five day course teaches prospective lifeguards surf-swimming, paddleboarding, rowing, swimming-rescues, paddleboard rescues, line rescues, and LBTBP procedures and policies.

•  Long Beach Township lifeguards protected beaches visited by over 2 million patrons in 2018.

LBTBP Personnel

•  171 lifeguards (full and part-time seasonal) including chief, captains and lieutenants. Average age 20.67 (42 needed working papers).

•  137 are veteran lifeguards and 34 (9 former LBTBP LITs) are first year lifeguards.

•  58 lifeguards are women (average age 19.55), 113 lifeguards are men (average age 21.56).

•  13 office/HQ/yard personnel including: 11 at beach patrol headquarters (6 HQ part-time seasonal, 2 yard part-time, 3 HQ full-time) and 2 part-time seasonal at two beach badge offices.

•  All LBTBP lifeguards have received Hepatitis B vaccination or have signed a declination form.

•  All LBTBP lifeguards must complete the LBTBP Ocean Lifeguard Training Course (OLTC).

•  LBTBP received full certification from United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) and North Shore Lifesaving Association (NSLA).

LBTBP Programs

LBTBP (established in 1936) operates a variety of programs, including the Inflatable Rescue Boat (IRB) Program (established in 1988), a SCUBA Search & Rescue Team (established in 1990), the Beachwheels Program (established in 1992), which provides beach wheelchairs to people with various permanent or temporary disabilities, and the Personal Water Craft (PWC) Rescue Team (established in 2014).

•  LBTBP has 6 SCUBA Divers (PADI certified) including 1 Divemaster, 4 Open Water Divers and 1 Rescue Diver.

•  LBTBP has 20 IRB/PWC operators/crew members (all NJSP-BSC certified),  1 IRB/RIB and 3 PWC’s.

•  3 LBTBP lifeguard is certified in Class I Surface Ice Rescue Training.

AED Automated External Defibrillation

AEO Administering Emergency Oxygen

ARC American Red Cross

B-LIT Beginner LIT Program

CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

EMR Emergency Medical Response

EMT Emergency Medical Technician

FPR For the Professional Rescuer

IRB Inflatable Rescue Boat

PDT Preventing Disease Transmission

PWC Personal Water Craft

RIB Rigid Inflatable Boat

SOP Standard Operating Procedures